About Us

About Us

Message from the Director

A name(LAKCO PACKAGING LIMITED) founded in 1985 specializing in the packaging industry, is gracefully announcing his next milestone.

With a firm belief that providing the best to our customers is the only way to success; so energetic and well-versed with experience, we are proud of our guarantee.

A combination of top quality, extremely competitive prices on a scale of attractive standard and custom-design varieties, excellence of customer service; and reliable production capability operated by our well-trained employees in our China factory.

Great advancements and enhancements are our promise. It is an art of business achieved only through experience and aspiration.

With aspiration, we are putting our strongest effort and emphasis attempting to serve you, to proof our commitment. We need your constant support and precious comments.

Let us perform the art of serving you, with our best. Be a valuable customer of ours, you deserve all these privileges.